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Should I buy IronCAD 2016


New member
Hello everyone. I'm a 12-yr 3D designer and my mail tools are Spaceclaim, Solidthinking Evolve, Sketchup and ZBrush. I always want to learn another parametric, mechanics-oriented CAD software. Most of the designers around me here in Australia use Solidworks but it's way too expensive to me. After some research I found IronCAD might be a good alternative.

But the IronCAD 2019 version is still too expensive to afford (around AUD $6500). I found a online dealer selling IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2016 for only USD $499 which is really a good deal to me. So I got several questions here:

(1) How do you compare the IronCAD 2016 with the new IronCAD 2019? I know a 3-yr difference will not be small, but for a normal user I care more about the stability, graphic efficiency and user experience in daily-life functionalities. Some fancy new features might be handy but I don't need them if I'm not ganna use them. Is there any critical improvement during these 3 years that I really need to pursue, or will I be ok with the 2016 one?

I use a Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop now with the nVidia 1060 graphic card as a main CAD PC. Not a superduper machine but good enough for most of my work.

(2) Is the "Design Collaboration Suite" a full version? I know there are some different IronCAD versions (Inovate, Draft and Compose) and each has it's own limitations. I definitely want a full package in case I need some of the features in the future.

(3) Is IronCAD a subscription-based software? I would not buy it if it is. I hate subscription stuff.

(4) Is IronCAD a cloud-based software? Again I would not buy it if it is. I hate cloud-based stuff (Fusion360/Onshape). Internet speed here in Australia is shxxxt.

Anyway thanks for anyone who can help me. Any input is appreciated.

Hope you have a great day!