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Show construction lines in caddrawing


Show construction lines in drafting/caddraw


I'm making a project where everything is based on the "construction lines". - This construction line gives the orientation & distances are from this line. However it isn't a midline or anything.

Is there any way to show this construction line (and the construction/reference points) in the cad-drawing. So that distances & angles can be shows from that line?
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An easy way to include lines and curves in the drawing is

In the CATPart:

Insert a new Geometric Set for the geometry you want to show on the drawing, and then move the construction lines, curves, sketches, points into this Geometric Set.

Hide all the other Geometric Sets, so the CATPart looks like what you want to see in the drawing.

In the CATDrawing:

1. Make your views as normal

2. For those views to show the construction geometry, change the view Properties to include 3D WIREFRAME and 3D POINTS