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Simulation Failure


New member
Hi everyone!

I am struggling to carry out a static analysis on my assembly which stops me from progressing in my project which is to optimize the bicycle frame design for CAM. First tho, I need to simulate the working loads on "normal" bicycle frame which i have build in accordance to Columbus tubing catalogue.

The object of my study is the frame itself hence the rest of the assembly is made simply for the purpose of applying the loads (meaning I know they are solid steel) to reflect different situations when cycling.

When trying to simulate simple loads like pressure, SW can't compute the mesh and the errors are shown in the frame model. However, diagnostic doesn't help with locating the problem. The closes I got to locating the error was "zero thickness geometry" between bottom bracket and main tube which i thought is a result of not appropriate cut extrusion.

To fix the problem i have "un"-merged the bodies and have cut them by by converting the entities of the outside radius of bottom bracket, head tube, and seat tube. After that have tried to combine the model but couldn't merge the main tube (from bottom bracket to head tube). - That's where i think the problem is but i am not able to fix it. After that tried and successfully welded all the components of the frame but the simulation still fails...

If anyone could have a look i would be very grateful!

View attachment Working design.zip

Thanks in advance
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