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Simulation of carbon fibre Impregnation


New member
Hi Community,

I am currently studying Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering in Wales, UK. My final year project is about a compact machine which is able to impregnate carbon fibres. This should happens through the Siphon impregnation. The fibres and the resin go through a tube which is sinusoidal. Due to the tension on both sides the fibre is pressed through the epoxy resin at the curves.

I already worked with Catia therefore I would like to simulate the process in Catia. Is it possible to do this with Catia? I would like to see the fibre/matrix ratio after the process. If it is not possible with Catia do you know any other programms which are able to do this?

Best wishes



New member

I believe CATIA would not help you as it is not tailor made for Analysis.So i recommend you to go with other Analysis tools available in the Market such as Ansys,LS DYNA,Ansa,Hypermesh,Nastran.You will have to choose which FEA tool suits you need as some of them are meant for meshing and others are for solving.All the Best for your Project.