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Sketch plane question


New member
I use sheet metal design.
I often reverse the bend direction to create the opposite part.

When I am using a cutout, I have a sketch that is associated with
the part surface. Once I change the bend direction, the sketch is sitting
out in space because it did not move with the surface.

Is there a way to make the sketch stay with the surface as the
bend reverses direction?

Forgive me if I am not explaining this correctly.


Super Moderator
Try using a Positioned Sketch instead of the default Sliding Sketch.

My guess is the Positioned Sketch will move with the surface when it's flipped (but that's only a guess).


Super Moderator
Got a chance to try to duplicate your problem today. It didn't work as well as I had thought.

I made a simple sheetmetal part with two simple bends. Then I added two sketches with cutouts.

The red sketch is a postioned sketch, sitting on the face of the flange, and postioned based on the intersection of two perpendicular edges.

The blue sketch is a sliding sketch, sitting on the same face.


When I reversed the direction of the bend, the positioned sketch moved with the flange face, but not exactly where I wanted it.


I had to modify the sketch support and reverse the sketch orientation to flip the sketch into the correct directions. Easy to do, but not what you wanted.


There might be some different positioning sketch options that will keep the sketch correctly positioned, but nothing obvious to me right now.