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Sketch rotation and parameterization


New member
I designed a rear wing of a F1 car with imported airfoil coordinates. I used offset from plane for the length and with project 3d elements I designed the other end. I wanted an airfoil with different geometries at the center and near the edges, so I rotated the airfoil within the sketch mode. Also, in order to control the spline of the multi-section that i was going to do, I used more planes and project 3d element, and then points and spline to create a guideline. My goal is to rotate only the two outer sketches and every other sketch in between rotates accordingly and then create two external parameters with the angle of those two airfoil sketches. Is it possible?


Super Moderator
Is it possible? Yes, you can set up parameters to control the angle of the airfoil sections which control the twist of the airfoil surface.

(if you want specifics, please attach a picture of the airfoil. A picture of your CATIA screen would be helpful also - please include the tree diagram so we can see what you have done so far)
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MrCatia thank you for the quick response. Attached you will find a screenshot with the airfoil and the multi-section that will give you a rough idea of what I have done so far. The tree diagram can't fit in the screen.Screenshot_50.jpg