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Smallest File size


I was wondering if I could get some advice regarding the following: I am working on a project that requires a very large number of trees but rhino seems to be unable to handle it well (the model size gets over 1GB). What would be the best way to reduce the file size? Would it be better to import CAD files rather than modelling the tree in rhino (I do need the trees to be 3d rather than using billboards or something like that)? I used a site model before which had great detail but was very small in file size (I believe it was a CAD file) and I was wondering how in general one can reduce the file size of certain elements imported into a rhino file.

For this project i modeled a certain unit in rhino and do not need to change it anymore but it does need to be repeated a very large number of time. Would it better to remake the model in some other program, then import into rhino to make it faster? And if so, what would be my best option? Can I still set up the model in Vray to render nicely if I remake it in another program?

Thank you in advance,


Or more in general? For any given shape, what is the best way to reduce the file size of that shape when using it in Rhino?