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Software query....


I was wondering if you could give us a little bit of advice please?

We’re in interior design practice who specialise in interiors which involve 3D renderings of internal spaces and detailed drawings for set outs and bespoke cabinetry for e.g. (I’ve attached the style of drawing we like to produce to you get a feel for our working practices). We like these line drawings to have a distinct minimalist style (as shown in attachment).

We are interested in streamlining the way we work and would like advice as to the best software packages. We operate on Macs (currently have 8 staff) and use window parallel Rhino with Vray plug-ins, for our modelling and 3D renders respectively.

We then use the Rhino basis for the 2D line drawings by exporting to AutoCAD but there is a lot of wasted time in cleaning up the lines and adding the line weights.

Could you advise on a better working method? We are interested in sorting this out and purchasing the necessary software. We have been weighing up the pros and cons of ArchiCAD and Revit to try and model, whilst also producing plans/elevations straight from the model as well as rendering from it.

We are interested in programs that best allow taking models in/out without having to reapply materials, that are fast, that are stable and produce the best results.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated -