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Solidworks Installation Manager Error During Uninstallation


New member
I installed Solidworks 2009 SP4.1 on my laptop which runs Windows 7 without any problems. I want to uninstall it now, but it's not working. I go into Add/Remove Programs, select Solidworks, and click Uninstall. The Solidworks Installation Manager appears, but all it shows is the orange header picture. The rest of the Installation manager window is blank white. I had my computer shut off all night, nothing running in the background, and It's still not working.
I reset Internet Explorer and cleared all history, cookies, and temporary internet files. I usually use Mozilla Firefox, so I also tried deleting history and cookies from there. I then reset my computer. Unfortunately, that didn't work. It's still blank.

However, when I tried uninstalling it after resetting Internet explorer, a smaller "windows installer" box appeared for a few seconds saying "preparing installation..." but it disappeared and nothing happened.

I can run Solidworks just fine. I tried looking inside for progam for solutions and found something strange. I clicked on the help tab and clicked "check for updates..." It gave me an error saying "Could not find Solidworks Installation Manager. Please browse to the download center at www.solidworks.com." Could that be the problem? I know where the "sldIM" file is. Could it be in the wrong location?

Can anyone help explain why I'm having this problem or what I can do to uninstall Solidworks?

I tried using Revo Uninstaller Pro, but it didn't seem to work either.