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Solidworks Mate


New member
Hi all!

Using Solidworks I want to give screw motion to an assembly but I cannot achieve it yet!

In the picture Part 1 is mated with the shaft (Part 3) using "Concentric" and "Coincident" mates. Part 2 is mated with the shaft only using "Concentric" mate. Now, I want the half cylinder (part 5) fixed on the part 1 to follow the other cylinder noted as part 4 like as the below picture.

When I rotate the part 1, part 5 will touch and push part 2 with the help of part 4 as in the below video. I captured the video using "Physical Dynamics" defining it between Part 4 and Part 5.

But I want to do this using mates. Can you help me? If needed, I can put drawings modeled using SW2008. Thanks for answers.