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SolidWorks MBD is awful


New member
I really dislike the MBD feature.
All my dimensions disappear when I click the green check mark or when I click on an open area of the work space, that's even if the dimension shows at all.

I constantly get a "Failure to create dimension" error, I simply want a diameter of a cylinder nothing complicated, why wont this work, its just a cylinder with a couple of holes and extrudes, what gives???

Plus the dimensions never stay where I want them, if they appear at all.
The 'smart dimension' tool never works, so I use the basic and size dimension tool and they only sometimes works,
but then the dimension disappears.

This is so frustrating, i have watched tutorials over and over and it never works for me.
There has got to be a better way.


New member
3D PDF only needs a free Adobe Reader to dynamically display 3D models and annotations, which remarkably lowers the traditional 3D communication barriers. However, the technologies have evolved significantly in the past decades to meet the growing market demand. Therefore, please be discerning about different types of 3D PDF and don’t limit your organization with rudimentary 3D PDF.

For example, Universal 3D (U3D) is one of the early formats to power 3D PDF. Its popularity grew quickly as did the enhancement requests on dataset performance, size and fidelity. However, its most recent release was already 10 years ago. There has been no further enhancements since 2007.

The latest data format to power 3D PDF is called product representation compact (PRC), which was established as ISO Standard 14739-1: 2014. PRC is the engine for the 3D PDF published by SOLIDWORKS MBD, which introduces several advantages.