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Solidworks Paint Job


New member
Hi there! I was hoping someone could clear up a newbie question that I can't seem to search and find an answer for. I use solidworks to model conceptual ideas for signs and will eventually use the resulting drawings as the means for production. As such, when I create the parts, I create them as they would be built. The signs are usually formed sheet metal and are painted or have vinyl cut and applied. I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to apply a paint job without having to break up the part into it's painted pieces and applying a texture to them. To clarify, if I wanted to paint one face of a simple cube with 4 colors, one in each quadrant of the face, I have to create 4 cubes and apply colors to them. I'm sure there's an easier way using decals or something, but wanted some opinions before I headed down the wrong road.



New member
If still looking for way to paint without harming model

Use surfaces and give each surface its own color. The surfaces can be turned off when not needed and will not change the model. Have a sample if you would like to see it.