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SolidWorks part exports for interior design.


New member
Hey guys,

This may have been asked before as I'm a new user but, what is the best way to integrate SolidWorks with an architectural/interior package?

Quick, overview of our current problem.

We are a gym equipment manufacturer and have come to realise that although SolidWorks is ideal for the suppliers who manufacture our components and metal work. Now that our product line and standard assemblies aren't changing quite as much anymore, our CAD work is increasingly just floor plans and layouts which include our products.

I'm not an interior designer, so far we've just been ploughing on with SolidWorks as its pretty quick and easy for me to do a rough visual. I know there is much better Interior design software which will handle larger models better than SolidWorks and output much higher quality renders.

Currently, I try to spend no more than 2-4 hours on a client visual, Ideally moving forward, we'd like to keep it at this for regular clients with the view of outsourcing for larger and more high profile jobs which would require a higher quality of rendered output.

I guess my immediate queries would be;

Which is the best architecture/interior design software to incorporate our existing product library with?

What would the workflow look like to import and export these, and customise if possible?