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Solver select method


New member
Hi ppl, I jz new to NX6. Can any1 here provide me the way to select solver in Nx6 ? for example, i wan to use fatigue analysis in my spring....SO how am I going to select this solver ?

Thank you....really appreciate your help...


New member
when starting a simulation file, you will be asked to select a solver "nx nastran,ansys,abaqus...." (surely you should have the solver license, and have defined the correct file path of the executable)

Surely, one simulation file can have different solver methods. Simply insert a new solution with another solver.

general steps for fatigue (durability) analysis
1. create a FE model with results
2. define loading history
3. define fatigue material properties (SN curve)
4. analysis
5. get life and positions of failure
6. improve /optimize design (optional)



New member
Thanks for above information
its really helps me a lot....

I have another 2 questions to ask :
1) 4 input derivation as below
2) if let say my fatigue test is used on leaf spring by using constant amplitude loading . Can this constant amplitude loading being apply in NX6 fatigue analysis ?

Anyone can show me the way to derive below inputs ? These 4 inputs are necessary needed in the Fatigue-specific material properties .
• Fatigue Strength Coefficient (Derive from stress life curve)
• Fatigue Strength Exponent (Derive from stress life curve)
• Fatigue Ductility Coefficient (Derive From strain life curve)
• Fatigue Ductility Exponent (Derive From strain life curve)


New member
thanks for above information
ill study the link that u posted here
really appreciate your help
good day ~ !