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Spaghetti chair weaving (simple linear strings woven around a round bar chair)


Dear all,

I would like to know how I can model a linear woven pattern (with PVC strings) along the two lateral round bars (or tubes) of a chair seat. The chair structure was no bigger issue to create, but I have no idea how I can make the PVC strings.

Attached two photos of the original chair to give you an idea of the weaving pattern.


The weaving works as following:
1) It is woven around the first round bar
2) After that it goes from the upper side of the first round bar to the bottom side of the second round bar (i.e. to the opposite side of the chair)
3) On the second round bar it makes 1 1/2 revolutions (starting on the bottom side, making one complete revolution and another half to be on the upper side of this second round bar again).
4) From the upper side of the second round bar it goes back to the bottom of the first round bar
5) Then it continues the same way: 1 1/2 revolutions on the first bar, from the upper side of first bar to bottom of second bar, 1 1/2 revolutions, from upper side of second bar to bottom of first bar, etc.....

Hope it is more or less clear what I mean :)

Anyway the exact weaving pattern is not so important, but I need rather some input and ideas on how to create such kind of repeated pattern along the path/curve of the round bar. I imagine it should be possible with the helix, but then I have no idea how I can make the helix work with the transversal weaving from one bar to the other.

In case this is too complicated, it would also be possible to simplify the weaving. (Any suggestions on that?)

Any help is very very welcome !!!