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Speaker pattern ?


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All of the three patterns in the attached picture are asymmetrical and hand-drawn, so none of them can be exactly patterned in any CAD system.

But something similar to the larger, turtle shell image on the left can be done in CATIA like this:

1. make a Sketch of 1/6 section of the design, using circles, splines, or lines to define each closed shape.

2. Make a Pad from the 1/6 sketch.

3. Mirror the Pad to get 1/3 of the design.

4. Use a Circular Pattern to rotate the 1/3 and get the complete design.

The important lesson to learn here is to not make complex sketches. Keep sketches simple, and pattern the resulting solid features (Pads, Pockets, etc)
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speaker grill with uniform holes

If the part requires a pattern of uniform shapes (such as a speaker grill with circular holes):

1. make a single Hole

2. use Rectangular Pattern to create a single row of holes

3. use Circular Pattern to rotate the entire row of holes about the center