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Specifying the size of segments of a profile before drawing each one


I want to draw a profile with several segments that each one have had a specified size. In Auto Cad, when I drew a line I typed a specified size for it ( before clicking on the end point) and the line fitted the size, but now, I don't see the same method in catia. What I have to do to be able to draw a series of profile segments with a specified size?
For example, I want to create a motorbike cylinder by shafting around an axis but I can't specify a series of regular sizes. What should I do?

Thank you

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You can do something similar with CATIA when creating a sketch. When you draw a line, point, rectangle, etc. in a sketch, there is a pop-up panel displayed near the top of the screen that allows you to type in the various values.

To draw the sketch above (starting from the bottom end):
1. start the sketch
2. click the Profile icon
3. note the Sketch Tools pop-up window at the top of the screen
4. tab key several times until the H: box is blue and they type in the x-coordinate of the bottom starting point, tab to the V: box and type in the y-coordinate, and hit ENTER to start the first line in the profile
5. position the cursor near the end of the first line, tab to the L: box and type in the Length, tab to the A: box and type in the Angle (0). Hit ENTER to draw the first line in the profile
6. position the cursor above the second point, tab to L: and type the Length, tab to A: and type Angle (90), and ENTER for the next line in the profile
7. repeat keying the length and angle for the rest of the line segments
8. click the Profile icon when done

One of the good things is that it automatically creates constraints for each line segment. One of the bad things is these might not be the constraints you want to use.

This method can you used for almost any kind of geometry: points, circles, rectangles, etc.
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