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Square to round solid

I'm currently trying to produce a Square to Circle solid to represent transitional ductwork in CatiaV5.

I've previously done this type of command in programs such as SolidWorks using the "Loft" command.

I have have forgotten the proper way to do this in Catia and any help to refresh me on how to complete this action would be greatly appreciated. I think I need to use the Multi-Solid command
but am lacking certain input information or am not doing it in the correct sequence.


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Yes, the Multi-Section Solid tool will create a solid to transistion between two or more sections. Use the Closing Points to avoid twisting the solid as you go from the rectangular sketch to the circular sketch. And verify the section arrows are all going in the same direction (clockwise).

The online help has some good examples and detailed explanations for using the different options.
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By modifying the directions I can get something close to what I want but it is slightly twisted. Is there additional points I need to put into the circle sketch to try to align the corners of the square with the circle?


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Try PROJECTING one of the corner points of the square onto the circle, and then using these two points as Closing Points.

I usually repeat this with the diagonal corner of the square, and use two sets of Closing Points. If you don't like the results, do all 4 corners.