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Stop sketches being consumed by feature


New member
I've got a lofted surface - 2 profiles, 2 guide curves.

I want to add a 3rd guide curve between the two profiles - and referenced to them.

But the 4 sketches are consumed by the loft feature and although I've found how to insert my 3rd guide curve amongst the sketches - expand the feature and drag the insert line to the appropriate point - its a real faff and requires you to unhide the various elements.

Can I simple stop the sketches being consumed in the 1st place so they stay in order in the feature list?

Cheers, Sean


New member
SolidWorks Sketches are Reusable


Sketches in SolidWorks are re-usable though they are a child of another feature. If more than one feature uses a sketch, that becomes a shared sketch.

You can also use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste sketches and then establish different relationships, as well. Instead of controlling the view of every sketch, I would suggest you to use the show/hide option under Views for sketches to view them or hid them as you work.