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STUCK : How to model this stent?


New member
I was modeling a Stent and was successful in completing the first part of the design. A stent is a cylindrical structure and right now I have a rectangular structure/area. I wanted to know if it was possible to convert it into a cylinder. (something like the toroidal bend in solidworks) Is it possible to do that in Catia?

This is the point till which I have completed :


This is what the final model should look like :




Super Moderator
Looking at the final model, we can define a strategy for modeling this. Working backwards:

1. I see 10 sections. You can model one of the sections, and then use a pattern to get the others.

2. Within a section, I think there are 20 repeated "S" shapes. Again, you can model one of the shapes, and then use a circular pattern to get the others.

Is that enough help, or do you need more help with the the "S" shape?


New member
Thank you for the help MrCATIA,
I am done with the planar structure, that is, I have completed the S shapes and it is planar now. I wanted help in rolling/bending the part so that it gets converted to a cylindrical structure as shown in the second image.

My doubt is how to convert the planar part model into a cylindrical model.


Super Moderator
.... right now I have a rectangular structure/area. I wanted to know if it was possible to convert it into a cylinder?

I don't know anyway in CATIA V5 to convert the planar part into a cylindrical shape. Maybe someone else does? If I was modeling the stent, I would model the cylindrical shape directly.

Using the strategy I mentioned earlier, I would make a flat sketch of a single "S" shape, project it onto the curved cylinder, and make a solid from that.

Other methods you could try:

If you have the Developed Shape license, you could Fold (or "wrap") the flat profile onto the cylinder. Trim the surface and make a ThickSurface.

You might be able to use the Sheetmetal workbench also.
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New member
Thank You again MrCATIA.

I tried using the wrap feature, but was unsuccessful and got an error.
It would be of great help if you could guide me through the entire procedure step by step.

I have a plane surface of the stent S shape as shown in the image below.
What do I do next? Please do help. It is a part of my project and I had to self tutor me through Catia as there is a limited time constraint.
Thank you in Advance! :)

This is the Point where i am at:



Super Moderator
Sorry, but I'm not aware of a Wrap feature. Which command and which workbench? What was the error message when you tried it?


New member
After researching more on this, I realized wrap cannot be used for stent modeling.
Can you guide me on how to model the stent in the method which you had mentioned before?