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stupid question


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I think i already know the answer to this, but i figure i ask anyway.

I'm trying to create a tool template for work. The problem is with almost 60 different compontnts that are part of the tool assambly. Coming from a 2d software, and "one file per job" mentality, its going to be hard to swalow, having 60 different files in the job folder (screws, dowels etc.). Is there any way too keep things in one file.
Not a stupid question, Spider. Many users have done exactly what you described. I've even done it myself to start a new project and get a quick design layout.

But, as you know, modeling many components in a single CATPart file is not how CATIA V5 is intended to be used. You lose all the cool features in the Assembly Design workbench. And I'm not sure how you would manage all the different components, especially the standard components that are used many times in different assemblies. (I'm assuming you don't use a PDM system, such as ENOVIA or Smarteam)

But, since CATIA is a general-use system, you can model all the components as a tool assembly in a single CATPart file. Put each component in a separate PartBody. You might want to use Patterns to duplicate the multiple instances of standard components, such as screws. Use Parameters to drive the design (change a parameter, and several components update). Use Overload Properties when making drawings of individual components.

Good luck!
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