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sum of column on table


New member
hi, again.

i have created a table, one of the columns is a list of numbers,

how do i get the bottom cell to give me the total sum of the

numbers above it. is it possible ??? (if you can understand the question)

once again many thanks.
Create a column summary in a drawing table.


There are really two ways to address this problem:

1. Use EXCEL to create your table with the values & calculations & insert this into your Pro/E drawing. [Addressed in this post]

2. Create a drawing table with a repeat region that references an assembly in Pro/E and use "summation" to create a cell that will add all of the values in that column. [Addressed in next post due to image limitations]


1. EXCEL table steps:

1.1. Create your drawing file in Pro/E.

1.2. Create your EXCEL spreadsheet with your values & formulas. Format the table to look the way you want it to.

1.3. Use 'insert>object>from file>link' to insert the EXCEL spreadsheet into your drawing.


1.4. You can then move, stretch & place the table wherever you need it. You can also double-click to open the table in EXCEL and edit it, when you close & save it the table will be updated in your Pro/E drawing. See image below:


Part II below...

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Create a column summary in a drawing table. Part II


Part II

2. Pro/E table with repeat region steps:

2.1. Create an assembly of parts within Pro/E.

2.2. Assign your needed parameters to each of the parts in your assembly.



2.3. Create a Pro/E drawing of the assembly.

2.4. Create a table in your drawing with the appropriate repeat region values.


2.5. Choose "summation" from the tables menu and pick the repeat region column with the values you want to add together. Be sure to make a row beneath the column with a cell to place the sum value in.


Note: the tables in Pro/E drawings are not meant to behave like EXCEL spreadsheet tables. You cannot tell Pro/E to add the values of the column together without the repeat region and part parameters.

Hope this helps,

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