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Surface modelling a 3D oil jug


New member
imm 001.jpgimm 002.jpgimm 003.jpg

Hi guys I accept any suggestion about how to build up this jug.
Could it be to begin with the cylinder and then shape around it the main body and last the handle?

Do u think I'll need free style features to shape the body?




Super Moderator
I'm sure it could be done with Freestyle Shape.

But I'm much more familiar with Generative Shape Design, so that's what I would use. And my basic steps would be to extrude the main body (or multi-section sweep), add the handle and spout, and then fillet all the sharp edges.


New member
Any suggestion to go on?


the 1st image is of course the result and the other is how far I got
Any suggestion about how to go on?
It doesn't let me to fillet the red edges




Super Moderator
Glad to see you are only surfacing half the jug - that's smart and will require less steps.

The filleting issue could be many things; is the radius too large? Is there an error message that describes the problem? I would make it as two fillets of different size.