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Surface tangency analysis


New member
Does anyone know if there is a good way to analyze surface patches to see if they are tangent to one another.

I am working with a surface that has some fairly complex conpound contours and I believe there are some surface patches that are not tangent in one area. It is causing some errors with NC programming software I am using.

I wanted to know if I can analyze the surface patches to see if I can locate any areas where the patches are not tangent.

Any info will be a big help.



Super Moderator
Try using the Connect Checker Analysis tool that's part of the GSD workbench. It does Surface-Surface tangency analysis.

Insert + Analysis + Connect Checker Analysis


New member
I tried the connect checker analysis tool and it worked pretty well. The catia help file seems to give a pretty good description on the functions within the analysis tool.

I have been successful checking the tangency of seperate surface patches.

I have not been successful in checking the tangency of inetrnal edges/patch boundaries on a surface. This is something that I want to get working. As the area I suspect is inetrnal on a surface.

So far I have had to extract multiple faces and analyze them against eachother.

Very useful tool though, thanks for the help much appreciatted as always.


Super Moderator
Don't forget the Surfacic Curvature Analysis tool that provides Gaussian analysis - that usually identifies any inflections inside a surface.



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