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Surfaces disappearing any ideas?


New member
Hi there, I'm trying to scale down a shelled out body with quite complex surfaces, Whenever I do some of the curved surfaces dissapear. It's a solid body so I can't really understand what's going wrong. I've tried scaling it before it's shelled out but the issue remains. It only happens when the scaling gets below a certian size 0.9 works fine but 1/18 fails. I've attached the model file and a pic of the problem, if anyone could help i would be really grateful


(solidworks part file) sorry i couldn't attach it, it's a little over the file limit




New member
I donwloaded your model had it's just a graphics issue, try going to Image quality and changing your "Shaded and Draft quality HLR/HLV resolution" higher alsmost to the red and check "Optimize edge lenght). After I did that the model displayed fine at 1/18 scale.