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SW 2012 motion study question


New member
I'm running SW 2012 and have designed a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) based on a simple chain and sprocket. I'm rather new to SW but have successfully completed a proof of concept motion study. Now I want to turn that into a presentation but it's taking ~12 hours to analyze 40 second. Since I need to do 200 seconds, I'm attempting to break the analysis into 5 pieces using the same 39 motion study elements (motors, collisions, and springs).

My question is, after I have completed a 40 second motion study, how do I move or copy the resultant model back to the beginning (0 seconds), replacing the original model I started with and eliminating the motion study data (about 500MB for the 40 sec). I've attempted another way around this by creating an assembly containing the resultant model from the motion study but I haven't found a way to copy the 39 original motion study elements (only the motor speeds will be changed) and put them in a new study.

Please help ... you may help put a smile on many bicyclists.