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[SW Assembly] How to mate the center of a circle with a point?

Hello everybody!

I know, the title sounds like a very very basic question. Let me explain:
So in assembly mode you can mate things together, if you select two circular things you can select "concentric" and the center points of both circles will be aligned.
So far so good!

I created a sketch with some points (in assembly mode) to help me with positioning of some (round) components.
But when I select one of the round parts and one of the points, the "concentric" mating function is not available!

I tried to add a point in the center of that "circle" in the part itself, but that point does not show up in the assembly mode for some reason ...

So how can I get this to work?



Do you have the sketch shown for that part in the assembly assuming the sketch you are showing was made in the assembly? Since you are showing the positioning sketch I can assume that you have "sketches" set to show, so if you right-click on the sketch of the part are you able to "show" it?