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Terrain implementation and instantiation (CATIA)


New member
I'm an aeronautical engineering master student and we are currently working on CATIA. We are trying to create a futuristic space station with instances as a final project. The problem is the following. The station consists of modules which are added to the main station via instantiation. That means that each part needs to have it's own reference planes and not be attached or referenced to the origin XYZ. One of the modules features a terrain which I created in another program as an OBJ file and imported it to CATIA using the "Imagine & Shape". The problem is that with importing the geometry there is no option to reference this mesh with some plane or point. So, when I'm doing a powercopy with it and then instantiate it is always using the origin as reference and puts it at 0,0,0 even if the plane I'm trying to connect is at another position. Is there a way to reference this mesh with a plane so I can put in the powercopy options my own plane and not the original XY?
Thank you in advance.