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The Basis Videos for Beginners


New member
Dude, sorry but your video is garbage. People who learn catia from scratch and start with video's like yours - get VERY bad habits because of videos like these. Habits like: projecting solid edges to a sketch, placing non-positioned sketches, using pockets instead of remove... and filleting on that edge-only view - wtf dude? Nobody works like that. Please don't teach those things to people because they don't know what the hell is going on after breps keep crapping out in their model after they modify their geometry.


New member
Because you can shape your removed body however you want, add drafts, fillets, add different heights of the pockets and still the tree doesn't expand downwards, what you're doing is growing the tree straight to the bottom, and that's a mess. Your model will be very hard to read and modify if it expands like that.


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