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The best career advice


New member
Hello everyone!

I saw really many threads about career and seeking job on this forum. Mostly, people can't find a good job, so they come here to complain. I think, I have some really valuable advice to such people.

When I lose a job and start searching a new one, I always order my cv from a cv writing service. That's not new to all of you, I think, most of you saw some advertisings. But I must say that it is the most wise thing I've ever done.

The thing is that in such companies people see a little bit differently than you do, so they can judge you adequate, and as professionals, they'll compose you a resume that will bring you a decent job offer quite quickly.

Wish you all a lot of luck


We know it is very difficult to find a suitable job for an individual. Many people don't know about their professional careers and many of them also hate their jobs. But don't worry if you follow the below steps you will find some clarity regarding your professional career plan.

1. Find yourself
2. Ask questions to yourself.
3. Be practical
4. Test yourself
5. Be Honest to yourself

If you find the above answers, you will definitely get to know about career planning.

Best of Luck!!!