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the object has been disappeared


Super Moderator
try this first:

Click the VIEW option in the top menu, and verify if there is a checkmark in front of Geometry

Also, click the Fit-All-In icon on the bottom menu (yellow box next to the airplane)
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New member
I tried both of your tips , but it didn't work
i'm sorry , i was noticed that i put a wrong link in my main post of topic for downloading the file of part. i just updated the link with the correct file . please open it and try to solve the problem.
Thank you very much


Super Moderator
some more things to try:

3. Right-click on the PartBody in the tree and select the Define In Work Object item

4. press the F10 key to see everything hidden. If you're part appears, then right-click on it and SHOW. Press F10 again to return to the normal screen
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