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Thick surface: current offset value leads to a local degeneration on a surface


New member
Hi. I couldn't find the answer here. To cut it short. I get this error:

(if I follow the instruction it does work, but I need the thickness to be 20 mm)

everytime I try to make thick surface of this (Multi-section between 3 splines):

Bez tytu2łu.jpg
Bez tyt3u2łu.jpg

Offset does not work neither:

Bez tyt3u42łu.jpg

It seems there is a problem with the highlighted part of the surface. Anybody knows how to fix this?



Super Moderator
Surface modeling is not easy. It takes a lot of detailed effort to get smooth flowing curves and surfaces with good continuity.

May I suggest a different approach for the canopy: Redraw the sections as closed profiles with the outside curve and an offset (20mm) inside curve. Instead of a Multi-Section Surface, use a Multi-Section Solid.


New member
Actually, surfaces of the canopy were not as ideal as I had thought. Fixing this did the job, but I will keep in mind Your advice :) Thank You