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thickness problem detect


New member

when i give thickness to a surface, sometimes i get error. catia offsets surface instead of thickening.

it is a huge surface. difficult to find where is problematic.

is there any easy way to find where the problem is? analysis or other modules?


Super Moderator
Most likely the error is due to a area of the surface with the radius of curvature is less than the thickness. This is causing the surface to kink (overlap).

You can try a smaller thickness value.

Also look closely at the offset surface to try to find the tight radius.

Or, you can use the Surfacic Curvature Analysis tool to find the minimum radius (maximum curvature).


New member
You can try a smaller thickness value.
unfortunately i can't change value. the part i'm working for is a customer requested part. thickness is standard. i will search for Surfacic Curvature Analysis feature. thank you for your help.