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This edge is not extruded


I want to extrude the edge in the plane direction but receive the error message. It is extruded in other direction that are wrong the directions for the edge



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The highlighted plane (red) looks OK for the direction in the view above, but maybe it's an optical illusion???

To extrude a surface from that profile, try defining the direction by selecting the line (edge) I circled in green.
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After posting the question I tried to find the failure by myself so I did examine other ways to create the edge among sweep, but my effort was in vain.

Finally I realized there was a defect in the edge and I decided to cut the end of that (shorten it) because I estimated there was a curve with an intense angle which was created before unwanted. after cutting both the method of extrude and sweep worked orderly, but I used sweep to connect the two edges, because extruding the red edge could create two separate involving edges.

Nonetheless, your advise is a good experience for me for the next works

Thank you very much :)