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Three Body Assembly with Screws


Hi all.
Okay, I'm obviously missing something here because I've been at it for a while and can't find a solution.

In the above image I have a simple three body assembly, two identical ends with 10-32 UNF screws that clamp each of those ends to the main centre body. I mate the ends using a concentric mate then a coincident mate to mate the inside face of the end to the outside face of the centre body. To further connect the parts I have to align the 10-32 screw holes of the ends and the centre body. This is where I get a message telling me if I do that I will over define the assembly. I can mate the screws to the ends by concentric mating the holes of both and then coincident mating the outside edge of the screw with the outside edge of the c'sink holes in the ends. But solidworks won't allow me to add two concentric mates on any of the parts.
I've been looking at this for a while, trying different things, and will continue to do so, but if anyone has a solve I would appreciate it.



Ok, found a solution, if anyone's interested.
If you choose the Mate icon when in assembly there is a small icon underneath the Mate Selections box, called 'Multiple Mate Mode', that does the trick.