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time iesmoh


New member
How can I perform a section using 4 points? Or better yet how can I section the exercise drawing showing the same section view? Please images attached.

The guide I've attached with the picture gave a different result....The section plane looks wrong there...Is it because of the UCS or I have just clicked on the wrong points...?

Can someone look at it please.

I managed to do a section using 2 points. See below. Although I managed to do it, can you guys check if it's correct..?

What may be the best procedure on how to create section views in 3D..?

I managed to do it in two parts via 2 points, both using the slice command. Please see images below.

I still do not know how to use the Section command to do the kind of section with the said exercise drawing using the instructions given....

In addition I can't do a 3-point slice also...the result still shows the same as that of what I do with 2-points. Can someone help me where to place the points correctly when using Slice > 3 points?

Plus I am completely blank as to how I can use a Slice > Surface..I do not know what to select or how I can select a specified surface :(