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topo lines and line curve along it


New member

I want to build with topo lines made in Autocad+elevation inside rhino
by Patch command (is it the best way?)
I am attaching these samples (made in C4D) to try to explain better

my questions....I need to creat these kind of topo but more precise with
the topo lines from autocad.
I also wish to align a slide line running zigzag (red line in pic) all the topo
and wish to get the slide curve inside the topo as well.

any ideas will be welcomed
thanx in advance


New member
I think there is no quick and simple solution. You should rebuild that surface by hand using splines and clean G2 continuity surfaces. Avoid the patch command - it gives crappy surfaces.
I suggest, doing loft surfaces of elevated topo lines first, then generating G2-blend surfaces between them and then cut out your holes and create fillets. After that you could project your slide curve onto the surface, offset a bit and create your slide line using _Sweep1
I hope that helped a bit.