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Toroidal Geometry of Tokamak Blanket Brackets

How do you design the toroidal shapes to the thousandth of a cm? These things are blanket tiles maybe on the order of a meter thick (Ref IAEA, Maas et al.) and need CAD toroidal curves and curtain grid setups.


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The Blanket Assembly image is the best overall picture, IMHO.

Have you sub-divided the shape into a grid? Assuming the tiles will be rectangular in shape, do you have a rough idea of their size? How about shape: flat or double curved? Have you drawn up a typical cross-section showing show the tiles will be attached, and the structure they will be attached to?

CATIA is precise enough to work with precision beyond centimeters, yet for the size of the overall machine. (How big is the torus?) I suppose most of the shapes will be revolved about the center of the torus.
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The pieces are currently specialized for each segment. There are top, upper, middle, lower, and bottom parts. Each is about a meter thick and they are made of lithium. The parts need bolts, brackets, coolant lines, CODAC ports, and grooves for remote handling (they are activated). There are images of the bracket showing them attached at the midpoint of the blanket module back. The faces should be curved but they can be flat; curved are easier for calculation but I imagine CNC machining giant lithium plates to be hard.