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trimming surface using 3d sketch in an assembly file


New member
Hi everyone,

I have scan data which has been converted to SolidWorks files. I am now trying to assemble the scanned parts as best as possible. Unfortunately, the scanned parts had yet to be trimmed by hand or assembled (they were made of composite) so I am now doing this in SolidWorks. The part I cannot figure out how to complete is the door (image attached). I think the way to solve the problem is to project the loop which is the outermost edge of the door frame onto the surface which is the door part and then trim the edge, but I am having some trouble.

1. When I try to use the split line tool, I cannot select the outermost loop of the door. I went into the part file and converted the loop into a 3D sketch. Maybe this is the problem? I seem to only be able to select normal sketch files for the projection. Then, I am unable to select the entire door as the surface for the projection. Maybe this has to do with how the door was made from the scan data (point cloud)? I tried knitting the surfaces in case that was the problem but knit said there was nothing to merge together.

2. The trim surface button is greyed out in my assembly file so I haven’t been able to try it.

If anyone has ideas, I have attached a screen shot. If someone wanted to help me out, I would be available on gmail - chat or skype and have the files on an ftp site. Just let me know!

The zipped files are available here if you want to take a look at them: