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Trying to creat a part from curved extrusion


New member
Hello first of all. New to the site and new to Solidworks 2009. I have been playing around now for awhile and experimenting with extruded and revolved shapes. Anyway, I created a hollow dome using the revolved extrude command. Worked great. Then I made a sketch to make extrude cut openings in the top (6 equally spaced in a circular pattern.) Worked great. Now I want to create a part that fits the curvature of the dome and within the cuts I created that conform to the shape of the dome. I need it to be a independant part that is movable. Up to this point all I have successfully done is make the panel but it's contrained to the dome and I can not move it. So how can you make a part that is movable, shaped to the curvature of an exisiting extrusion? I'm attaching my file for you to view. Again need to learn how to make a movable panel within each hole in the top of this dome. I hope someone can assist. I've learned alot but no where near good yet.