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Trying to pad a wrench but I have a lot of opens, how can I fix this?

Ricky Budhu

New member
:confused: Hello all! New to the forums, I am currently taking a CATIA class at my school and I have this one school assignment that I have trouble with. I am pretty familiar with these type of programs as I'm well known with AUTO CAD and Inventor. However, one thing that will always confused me will be when my drawings have implicit openings. I am going to attach two files, one pdf is my homework assignment and one catia file CAT V5 2016 Student Edition, which is my attempt to do the homework. If anyone can explain to my why it's considered open and how I would fix this for future purposes I would greatly appreciate it. I ran into this problem several times but I just redo the whole thing and it works but I still don't know why I have these issues. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! :eek:

View attachment Homework 1.zip


Super Moderator
I haven't looked at your files, but generally speaking, "opens" (or gaps) can usually be fixed with the TRIM command. When using TRIM, pay attention to the mode: are you trimming both lines/curves, or are you trimming just the first element selected?

I teach my students to always use the Tools + Sketch Analysis tool before exiting a Sketch. This will tell you if your sketch is good (closed) or not. It will also show you where there are opens (look for little blue circles). Sometimes it will let you automatically close an open sketch.

Ricky Budhu

New member
But when I trim what's opened, (I go into sketch analysis and see the highlighted section in the part body), it disappears. For example, the bottom left big circle would be opened and when I trim it, it gets deleted. What do I do from there.

Ricky Budhu

New member
okay well I feel dumb. I went ahead and took another good look at the sketch analysis tool and saw around 4 arrows pointing in different directions. Out of curiosity I zoomed in close to where the arrows were on my drawing. And what a surprise, two extremely small lines were on my drawing at different locations. I trimmed it and I'm able to pad! Thank you so much, thanks to you now I know that whenever I have an open, majority of the time it can be solved using the trim command and most likely there might be a small little annoying line there. You honestly have no idea how much help that will come in. Thank you MrCATIA!