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Tufnol Material


Hi all.
I am trying to simulate the rotational forces on a small assembly in SW. The assembly comprises of a body of steel, two rings of Tufnol, and some screws. The Tufnol is glued and then screwed to the steel body. This part is for a very old machine called a Brown and Sharpe Screw Machine Auto. We are having problems with the this part, called a Clutch Body, because of the Tufnol that is normally spot welded onto the main body. We are trying to come up with an alternative design that would mean we wouldn't have to use this particular sub-contractor because of their unreliability.
So I have created my assembly and was looking to use simulation in SW when I came up with a problem: Tufnol isn't part of SW material library.
I know there are ways to create a new material but what I need is to find a way of replicating the properties of Tufnol once I have create my new material. How do I do this? Does anyone have a Tufnol material hanging around somewhere I could use?

Tufnol, if you didn't know, is cotton or paper glued together with resin and compressed under load with heat.