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UG NX Structures Help Plz


New member
Hello all

I need some help please.
I'm trying to load test a support beam.

My problem is that I can't get the 2D mesh to see my load value and my constraints values. I can't seem to be able to link them my guess is that i am missing a step.

My steps on nx 3

1) Draw the beam as a solid
2) enter into structures
set the solver to NX nastran
Sestatic Multi Constraint

3) I create a mid surface along the beam.
4) place the 2D mesh along the mid surface (overall element size 0.250)
5) Then I create hard points for my load and two constraints.
6) Apply my load value in in the mid of the beam at the midpoint.
7) Apply my two constraints on the bottom surface of the beams 2 Inch's from either end.
8) using attribute editor I set the mesh to use the material type
9) test the beam
I get the following errors
Force 1 "has no underlying mesh and will be ignored in the analysis" "suggestion create a mesh that uses the same geometry as the load"
I get the same error for the constraints.

Can Someone please some me the correct steps its making me crazy
thanks all