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Using Solidworks with Laptop Trackpads - No Middle Button?


I use a laptop 100% of the time, I enjoy the freedom of it over being desktop bound.

Currently, my laptop has a Trackpad with 3 buttons, Left, Middle, Right. This works great with Solidworks and I can move / orientate models well using the Middle button.

Soon I'll be upgrading my laptop. I've noticed however, that most newer laptops have a trackpad with no buttons, or two buttons. Are you able to roll around models properly in Solidworks without the Middle button via gesturing - 1, 2, and 3 finger gestures etc?

If anyone has any experience with this I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you,


Often the laptops with no buttons, do actually have them, the trackpad itself is the buttons (e.g. click to the left for left click).
I can't even imagine how you favour working with a trackpad in the first place, but certainly one with no middle mouse would be a nightmare to use. I use a laptop, and always have with SolidWorks as I previously had to travel about with it. I personally would always have to use a mouse (a decent wireless one to keep your laptop "freedom") if doing anything serious in Solidworks, I just couldn't be productive without one. Rotating, zooming panning etc with the trackpad (and/or keyboard shortcuts) was just extremely slow and counterproductive, in my opinion.