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V5 Fit All in Problem


New member
Hello everyone,

I have a one problem. Here is my sketch model:

When i click on icon "Fit all in", i get this:

Where is problem? I can't edit my sketch anymore after i click on Fit all in. Thanks.


Super Moderator
There is probably some geometry (a point or short line) that accidentally is located out in space from far away from your sketch. You have to find that geometry and delete it in order to have Fit-All-In just show your sketch. Or, you can right-click on the sketch in the tree and choose the Reframe On option.

Here's what I do when this happens to me:

First, check for hidden geometry.
1. Fit-All-In to display everything
2. Swap to the Hide screen
3. Look around the edges of the window for any geometry and Delete it.
4. Swap back to the normal Show screen

If that didn't work, try this:
1. Fit-All-In to display everything
2. Use the Outside Selection Trap and make a small rectangle around the axis, (this should select everything that is totally outside the rectangle) and Delete
3. If Fit-All-In is still wrong, Swap to the Hide screen and repeat step #2