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V5R16 Modeling for CFDesign - basic question


I have been thrown into the wonderful world of Catia V5R16 and have some beginners questions apparently not covered by the tutorials freely available. Online help is not installed.

First off, I just need Catia to do some simple constructions for feeding into CFDesign. That tool constrains the workflow somewhat, e.g., I'm restricted to just one body per part. In addition, I have to use a german version, so please consider that I might using a wrong term here and there.

The situation: My scene will consist on a few dozent parts. While I know all coordinates for my sketches, I find it a waste of time to enter them and would like to use snapping features if available. What I found out is that apparently snapping is restricted to objects in the same sketch. So, up to now, I have to draw objects in a sketch that contains reference points, cut them out afterwards and clip them into a new sktech associated with a new part.

Is there a better way? Is it possible to snap to corners from objects defined in a different sketch?

Thank you very much.
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I have two tips that might make your project a little easier:

Import Points

If you have the coordinates for all the points, it might be easier to import them via an Excel spreadsheet, or IGES, or a CATIA macro. It all depends on what format these coordinates are in. Should be much easier to import them, rather than re-type all the x,y,z values.

Project, instead of cut & paste

Once you have all the points in your CATIA CATPart file, you can quickly and easily project the points into the active sketch where and when you need them. And yes, you can also project points or corners (vertices) from one sketch into another. Often, just constraining to the 3D points will automatically project them into the sketch. Nice thing about projections is, if you have to move a 3D point later, the projected point will move with it.