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Variable Density in Catia??

Utkarsh Singh

New member
I have been working in CatiaV5 for sometime.I want to know whether variable density can be assigned to 3D objects modeled in Catia?If not what possible solution is for objects having different densities within itself.Can FEA be done on such objects?
P.s I was thinking of making portions of my object and adding them together and then Apply Fea on it?Is it feasible?

Utkarsh Singh

New member
different materials?
is it possible with same material,i.e. same material with different mechanical property like different poisson's ratio and tensile strength ...Can i join two such components and performm fea on them?please guide.
I think its possible in composite workbench.enlighten me!!


Super Moderator
If there are different properties, then CATIA considers this a different material.

Model the components in different Bodies, and apply different Materials based on the properties. You will have to define the properties ahead of time in the materials table.
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