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Wall or Flange


New member
This is my first post after joining this forum.........looking forward to all of the info shared here.

OK........first question.

Using CATIA V5 ( since I have VERY limited resources to look things up ) when and why would I use a WALL versus a FLANGE ?? And the same but opposite.......when and why a FLANGE versus a WALL ?? This is in reference to "basic" flanges with no hems, etc. I just have no info truly defining what a WALL is........and what a FLANGE is.........and why I'd use one or the other within a sheet metal part. I'll also add that I'm "self taught" using this tool. I have many years of experience with other 3D modeling SW. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Super Moderator
I agree with you; both features appear to have similar applications although the input parameters are very different. Maybe someone with more experience using the Generative Sheet Metal workbench will respond.

There is some good reference material in the CATIA online Help files. If you don't have that installed, you can access it on the web.