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Want to add flat text


Hi. I want to add flat text to an object.

Like on a chip -- I want to print 'Intel 16GB'

So I draw the chip on a circuit board, (two objects), then I want to print FLAT text on one of the objects.

So far I only found tutorials that either extrude or cut the text.

I want the text to be visible when flat, as if painted on.

And when it is flat, I want it white so it would be visible on grey background.

How to change the color?

Something like a 'Text Box' in Microsoft Word would be good.


New member
I believe you are asking to split the face, in which case there are two ways both require a sketch with your text in then either...

Insert - Features - Wrap and choose scribe (this is better if on a curved surface)
Insert - Features - Curve - Split line

this will split the face allowing you to colour.

to colour, select a face of your text and use the colour option