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Webinar for Custom Configurators


New member
* Does your current configurator integrate with your Pro/ENGINEER Data?

* Do product variations tie up engineering time for quotes and deliverables?

* Do you get accurate 3D Data from your configurator?

SIGMAXIM works with companies to develop custom configurators. How we are different, is our ability to quickly implement a configurator by driving the existing product configuration as opposed to developing a configurator from scratch. Our solution automatically produces different variants of product configurations along with their engineering deliverables such as: quotes, BOM, 3D drawings.

Our software solutions have the ability to drive Pro/ENGINEER from outside sources such as web front-ends, ERP, MRP systems, Excel or other applications to create custom configurations on the fly. These solutions are very flexible and easily fit into our clients' processes. We are also able to turn these solutions around very quickly because they are not developed from scratch therefore costing less. It also can be modified quickly and easily as your product lines grows and changes.

Please contact SIGMAXIM: [email protected] to find out the date of our next webinar.

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